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Wide Load Escort Vehicle Hire
Devon, Cornwall, South England

Are you looking for wide load escort vehicle hire in Devon, Cornwall and South England? If you require wide load transportation, get in contact with our professional team.

Escorting Vehicles for Wide Loads

To keep everyone on the roads safe, the UK Government has regulated that any vehicle with an abnormal height, weight, length or size must be followed by abnormal load escort vehicles. 

Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation offers a professional, private escort vehicle service for those transporting abnormal-sized vehicles. Our expert team of trained and experienced personnel complies with all public Highway Agency codes and guidelines and has full public liability insurance to carry out this work.

Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation has over ten years of experience transporting abnormal loads locally in Cornwall and Devon and nationwide throughout the UK. 

All our vehicles are fitted with two-way radios so the escort vehicles can remain in constant communication with the abnormal load vehicle. This is essential for safe and efficient transportation. 

Our dedicated and experienced team will also be happy to provide expert advice to those looking to move a wide-load vehicle. Our experts can help you look out for any potential issues with your unusual loads and their route and help you remedy them.

We also offer detailed route surveys, path analysis and general project management expertise for the logistics of wide load transportation. Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation has overseen numerous wide load moving projects over our ten years of operation.

This has given us a wealth of experience and professional knowledge within the local and long-distance heavy haulage and transport industries. Our team has all the skills necessary to provide a top-quality, reliable service for private and commercial clients.

So please, do not hesitate to contact us today to see how we can help with your wide load transportation needs. Our experienced drivers and logistics experts can be relied on to transport your load safely and quickly with our cost-effective service. 

Wide Load Escort Vehicle Hire

Pilot Cars For Wide Loads

Pilot cars escort any wide loads or vehicles so that they can safely travel over long distances. Alongside providing the necessary escort vehicles, our specialist team can help you organise the most appropriate route to take and secure all of the necessary transport permits.

We can liaise with local councils, authorities and the police to ensure your wide load escort has a smooth journey anywhere in the UK.It is a legal requirement that any wide or abnormal load transport must have at least one pilot vehicle driving with it.

This ensures that motorists and pedestrians are kept safe as the load moves. You can sometimes arrange for a police escort if the distance is fairly local, with the option of closing certain roads along your route for added ease. 

What is Wide Load Escorting?

Valuable abnormal loads have a specific classification. Large loads or vehicles that exceed 44 tonnes in weight (44,000 kg), are wider than 2.9 metres or have a rigid length beyond 18.65 metres are considered abnormal. When abnormal vehicles or loads require transportation, there are guidelines and marking regulations to ensure the road-going public is kept safe.

They also ensure the load is secure throughout the journey and free from damage when it reaches its location.Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation specialise in abnormal or wide-load transportation.

Our fleet of escort vehicles is on hand to help your wide load moving project succeed. With our team of qualified and experienced experts, you can ensure that your wide vehicle or load is transported along the perfect routes and in the safest manner possible. 

Transport your wide load safely

Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation can help make your wide load transportation hassle-free. Our comprehensive heavy haulage industry service can oversee all aspects of the move, ensuring each stage of the process works perfectly.

We work with both private and commercial clients, moving anything from static caravans and mobile homes to twin units and modular homes.

From our base in Bodmin, we offer our services to those locally in Devon and Cornwall and to clients throughout the complete UK. As a nationwide professional service with highly experienced escorters, you can rely on us to get your abnormal load to where it is needed. 

Transport Your Wide Load Safely

Pilot Car Services & UK Route Planning

Planning is paramount when moving an abnormal load. Without an efficient route and a comprehensive route survey, you will likely run into issues.

Most UK roads aren't compatible when moving overly large, heavy or wide vehicles, so relying on the experience of our experts is the easiest way to make sure your transportation goes off without a hitch.

Our wide load escort vehicle hire can help you arrange police escorts and secure local authority permits to keep everything safe and legal. 

When making the arrangements for your transportation, our team will ensure that everything is done with safety in mind.

This means safety for those on the roads and your load or vehicle. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable making these arrangements yourself, our friendly team are more than happy to take over the responsibility on your behalf.