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About Helston

With the arrival of the railway in the mid 1800s, Helston became a tourist destination and ‘the gateway to the Lizard peninsula’, where tourists would arrive to see some of the most incredible scenery, wildlife and natural beauty in the UK. Today the town has a lively, friendly atmosphere with busy main streets and plenty of historical attractions that keep the town's heritage alive.

In May, the town comes alive for Flora Day, one of the most ancient and famous May day celebrations in the UK, a must see festival with impressive historical significance for the county.

Helston's center is now home to artisan shops featuring local makers, some fantastic pasty shops, a museum and arts center, artists studios, a historical town trail, a pottery and one of the oldest (and supposedly very haunted!) pubs in Cornwall, the thatched Blue Anchor Inn on the high street.

Helston Abnormal Loads Services

Abnormal load transportation, a crucial service in the UK, deals with the intricate task of moving oversized and heavy cargo safely and efficiently.

In Helston, our expert team excels at meticulous route planning, securing permits, and providing necessary escort services for clients. With a thorough understanding of regulations, we ensure compliance and minimise disruption.

From start to finish, you can rely on us for a cost-effective and dependable solution, guaranteeing the smooth transport of your valuable cargo while adhering to UK standards and safety measures.

Our Caravan & Abnormal Load Transportation Services In Helston

Do you require static caravan transport for Helston, Devon, Cornwall and throughout South England? We offer expert transportation services for static caravans or abnormal loads.

Abnormal Loads

In the UK, an abnormal load is typically defined as any vehicle, trailer, or load that exceeds the maximum legal limits for weight, width, height, or length as outlined in the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986. These regulations set the standard dimensions and weights for vehicles and loads used on public roads. Abnormal loads come in various shapes and sizes.

Abnormal Loads Transport Helston

Static Caravans & Mobile Homes

Transport companies must carefully assess the intended route to ensure it can accommodate the dimensions and weight of the load. Transport companies must also obtain the necessary permits, often issued by the Department for Transport (DfT), that specify the conditions under which the abnormal load can be transported. Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation in Helston promises its customers safe transport of all heavy loads.

Static Caravan Transport Helston
Helston Mobile Home Transportation

Wide Load Escorting Services

For particularly large or heavy abnormal loads, escort vehicles are a common sight on the road. These escort vehicles accompany the transport convoy to ensure safety and facilitate the smooth movement of the load.  At Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation, we provide escort vehicles to accompany the heavy cargo. These escorts help manage traffic and ensure the safety of both the load and other road users.

Wide Load Escorting Services Helston
Helston Static Caravan Transport

Siting Services

Siting services encompass a range of activities and expertise dedicated to the safe and precise placement of abnormal loads at their destination sites. Abnormal loads, such as industrial machinery, wind turbine components, or modular structures, require careful positioning and installation. Our Helston professionals can carry out siting services as well as transport.

Mobile Home Siting Services Helston

Static Caravan Transport Helston

Static caravans are a cherished form of holiday accommodation in Helston and throughout the United Kingdom, offering the opportunity for a peaceful retreat amidst the country's scenic landscapes. Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation professionals ensure that all static caravan transports are carried out with the necessary permits and permissions.

We operate as per the guidelines outlined by the Department for Transport (DfT) and local authorities. Our Helston team have a wealth of experience and expertise in static caravan transportation across Helston, so rest assured, you can rely on us.

To accommodate the size and weight of static caravans, Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation experts utilise a fleet of low-loader trailers, extended drawbars, and hydraulic systems. Such specialised equipment guarantees the secure transportation of the load, without compromising the integrity of the caravan or the road infrastructure.  

Helston Static Caravan & Abnormal Load Transport Solutions

When it comes to abnormal load transportation in Helston, Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation emerges as a reliable partner.

Our team's commitment to safety, compliance, customer satisfaction, and the successful transportation of static caravans and abnormal loads exemplifies our dedication to excellence.

For all your transportation needs in Helston, our business stands ready to deliver tailored solutions and expertise that ensure the secure and efficient movement of oversized and heavy cargo.

Are You Looking For A Reliable Caravan Transportation Company in Helston?

When looking for a reliable caravan transportation company in Helston, Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation should be at the top of your list. Our clients and the safety of their vehicles are our number one priorities in everything we do.

Our transportation and escort vehicle fleet allows us to safely transport and re-site any mobile homes, holiday homes, or caravans in any location you wish.

Our team understands how important the location of your holiday home or caravan is for your enjoyment, and we will do everything we can to make sure your vehicle is perfectly placed for you and your family to enjoy. Serving clients all throughout Helston and the surrounding areas.

Helston Static Home and Caravan Transport Services

Friendly & Experienced

We are a friendly, efficient and experienced team of professional transporters. 

Helston Abnormal Loads Services

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We offer a truly personal service that meets all of your transporting needs.

Professional Expertise

We are always happy to offer our professional expertise to those who need it. 

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We are fully insured, with a range of haulage vehicles to match your exact specifications