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Do Static Caravans Hold Their Value

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  • 06-12-2022
Do Static Caravans Hold Their Value

Do static caravans hold their value? We look at how quickly a static caravan can lose value and if there is anything you can do to manage caravan depreciation?


Investing in something as valuable as a caravan or mobile home can take time to discover its ultimate worth when selling it in the future.

There isn't a fixed depreciation rate for these kinds of touring caravans, as their decrease in price can fluctuate, and it isn't always steady. Brand-new or slightly newer caravans are much like cars when it comes to their value; the newer they are, the faster the cost will depreciate, as the rate gradually eases off as it begins to age.

In reality, you may struggle or need help to make a sufficient profit when putting a new static caravan on the market to sell because of these factors.

There is nothing you can do to prevent the depreciation of your caravan's price; however, you can take numerous steps to ensure the great value stays as high as possible for its specific model and lifespan. The one thing you must continue to do is take good care of your caravan. 

Whilst this may seem obvious, most people can forget the world of good it can do to perform regular maintenance services and cleaning, especially performing deep cleaning. That way, dirt or damage cannot spread throughout your caravan, and it will be in good enough condition to stop the reduction in resale price.

Do Static Caravans Hold Their Value?

We highly recommend maintaining all the original fittings and fixtures in your caravans; treat your caravan as you did when you initially purchased it, as caravans maintain the best value when kept in the previous state owners sold them. 

Replacing the carpets or curtains can seem like an effective way to personalise the holiday homes you have bought; however, in the long run, it will harm the overall selling value of your caravan. 

Another way to ensure you gain a fair selling price is by selling your caravan vehicle on an official, trusted website with rave reviews and a strong reputation for its public or private sales and rental income. 

Numerous companies you can sell with will provide you with the most authentic value for your vehicle, saving you the struggle of negotiating a fair renting price with potential buyers or strict holiday parks.

In the UK and across North Wales, those that provide such prices cannot offer you the same price for your caravan if you've received a valuation but failed to sell the asset. 

The most efficient way to discover your current caravan value is to request a formal valuation from local agents who can visit your site and thoroughly assess its interior and exterior. Once you've received a valuation, you don't have to sell either; it is simply a helpful way of analysing the current value of your caravan for the future.

Are static caravans a good investment?

Are static caravans a good investment?

It can be thrilling to book your next getaway in your caravan; however, looking at your bank account afterwards can sour your mood, especially after buying a stay in a relatively expensive or luxury hotel. 

The static caravan is one of the most functional ways to avoid spending wasted money on accommodation and is an environment that you can make your own to feel comfortable in no matter where you are in the country or world.

Static caravans often start at competitive prices, some of which offer small deposits that make the process of buying a static caravan much more affordable than you may perceive.

You'll save money taking out a caravan every other weekend instead of splashing out on expensive hotels, allowing you more freedom and expenses to spend on dinner and activities that make your stay worthwhile. 

It is an incredibly wise financial investment, as its lifespan can extend around 30 years or more, depending on how well it is taken care of. You want to make the most out of your caravan and get as much worth and enjoyment out of it before potentially selling it off to another buyer, guests or its original seller in a finance package.

What To Know Before Buying A Static Caravan

How quickly will my caravan's value depreciate?

A static caravan has an average depreciation cost rate of that of a car, meaning it decreases in value by approximately 15% per year; however, this statistic is often largely over-simplified, and the depreciation process for motorhomes and caravans can be much more complex. 

When we plot such figures on the graphs, you'll find that depreciation exists in a concave curve (a concave curve is much like an aeroplane pulling out of a harsh nose dive and landing smoothly). Such is because newer caravans that go immediately on the market are prone to much quicker depreciation than older models or pre-used caravans. Every year you hang on to your caravan, the less its value will decrease in that year.

How quickly will my caravan's value depreciate?

The National Association of Caravan Owners (NACO) tend to advise motorhome owners to forget such concepts of 'resale value' and 'investments.' 

Many potential buyers will always go after caravans in areas that suit their needs and personal aesthetic or beautiful locations they've always wished to live in and venture to. It is the primary concern and focal point of choosing a unit.

Your second option is to choose and purchase a secondhand caravan, as this will allow you to avoid the first few years of drastic depreciation, as these are the most costly. Brand-new caravan vehicles decrease in value much faster than older units that do so far slower. 

However, one of the most significant downsides of an older unit is its much shorter lifespan. Purchasing an old static caravan means you may be urged or forced to buy a brand-new or newer unit much more quickly than you'd have liked to.

Can I manage my caravan depreciation?

In short, you'll find the answer is no; caravan depreciation is bound to occur no matter what you do to prevent it. Adding new aspects and updating the space can add some value, but ultimately it cannot rid the impending decrease you'll experience over time. 

The best and most hassle-free way to cope with it is by keeping your caravan in tip-top condition, ensuring it is well-cleaned and maintained. You can imagine there's very little space on the market for messy, damaged or neglected caravans and motorhomes.

However, if you wish to sell, there are a few other aspects to consider: the overall running fees for your caravan. Factors like insurance, site fees, utility bills for consistent central heating and finance payments all stack up and contribute to the yearly running cost. 

They may seem inconvenient, but they are necessary payments you or future buyers must adhere to. You may even make renovations, such as implementing a new TV, double-glazing for all your windows or a new decking, which will amp up your payments indefinitely. Yet, you can reduce them by utilising your holiday caravan more innovatively, such as part-exchange, to get the best deals.

The revenue you can acquire from free holiday accommodation and subletting will aid in paying for such annual costs. Subletting your caravan for approximately 50-52 weeks of the year will allow you to potentially exceed your yearly expenditure. 

Whilst it does defeat the object of purchasing a brand-new holiday caravan, it's a far more cost-effective way to manage the best prices. Using your caravan less will also make the time you spend using it for yourself and your family all the more special in the long run.

Can I manage my caravan depreciation?

What if I need to sell my static mobile home?

The NACO (National Association of Caravan Owners) know that the circumstances of your living and travelling arrangements may change over time. They are incredibly understanding about the fact that whilst you may have spent years with your caravan, keeping it for around ten or more years, you may face a day when you want or need to sell it.

In situations where the caravan needs to be sold, damage limitation is the action taken to reduce any existing faults. When selling your caravan, you may only retrieve a small fraction of the original price offered if sold to the caravan park you purchased it from.

The previous sellers are only likely to offer a trade cost price suitable to obtain the caravan. Your caravan's original purchase price will usually involve numerous factors, such as the cited value and overall cost. Those considering whether they should carry out a "trade-in" that will allow them to upgrade their vehicle may experience being offered a much higher price.

What if I need to sell my static home?

However, we believe the best option is to advertise your caravan to specific buyers privately; in doing so, you'll minimise loss and, in turn, receive a far better price for its unit. 

You may still have some monetary loss, but it will not be of the same extent as you may be faced with when selling back to the original caravan or park owner at most holiday parks.

We recommend spending plenty of time researching the multiple caravan locations to ensure you get the most out of your caravan experience before ultimately giving it up. After enjoying the sights on your own or with your family, you can sell them, and the depreciation rate may not matter. Opting for a new location could affect your caravan's overall value and make subtle updates to its interior or devices, should you be able to do so according to your current budget.

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