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Abnormal Load Escort Service
Devon, Cornwall, South England

Are you looking for abnormal load escort services in Devon, Cornwall and South England? If you require abnormal load transport, get in contact with our professional team.

Abnormal Load Transport Escorts

Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation provides abnormal load services to clients locally in Devon and Cornwall and nationwide throughout the UK. Our transportation experts can move any abnormally long, wide, tall, heavy or otherwise unusual loads with full abnormal load escorts. 

We follow all guidelines in the Highways Agency Code of Practice and can plan the most efficient route for your journey with fully detailed route surveys. Each member of our team is a fully-trained and experienced in the heavy haulage industry and will provide a top-quality, reliable service for all our clients. 

We always ensure that your loads are safely transported and have earned a reputation as a dependable transportation specialist over our 10+ years of operation.

Our team comprises pilot cars, professional drivers and dedicated escort vehicles to ensure your abnormal load transportation runs smoothly. When you need abnormal load transportation services, Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation should be at the top of your list as we are fully insured to transport all types of abnormal loads.


What is classed as an abnormal load?

According to the UK government, an abnormal load is any vehicle that adheres to the following characteristics:

 The vehicle weighs more than 44 tonnes

 The vehicle is more than 2.9 metres wide.

 The vehicle has a rigid length of more than 18.65 metres.

 The vehicle has an axle load of more than 10 tonnes

Abnormal Loads

Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation specialise in abnormal load transportation with a dedicated and experienced team of logistics and heavy haulage experts with all the skills needed to transport your load. 

We can safely transport any abnormal loads you may need from any location throughout the UK. 

We follow all transportation safety guidelines regarding escort vehicles for the safety of motorists and your abnormal loads. 

We have spent many years arranging abnormal load transportation, working with authorities throughout the UK to ensure a smooth and efficient journey. 

Wide Loads

Our team comprises enough trained and highly-experienced personnel to safely and efficiently transport any abnormally sized vehicles you have. 

Given the efficiency of our service for clients throughout the UK, we can also offer the most cost-effective abnormal and wide load transportation service.

To ensure the safety of your valuable abnormal load transportation, always rely on the expertise of trained professionals, such as those at Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation. 

Whether you need to liaise with your local council, police force or other authority to arrange your abnormal load transportation, we can also assist here. Our experts can even carry this responsibility when needed.

Heavy Loads

Heavy loads often require specialist equipment, materials and transportation methods to move them safely. 

With over ten years of transportation experience, Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation has the expertise required to make this possible.

Our fleet of haulage and escort vehicles is on hand to move any heavy loads you have to and from any location in the UK. 

It is always best to rely on the expertise of people within the haulage and transport industries, and our friendly team will be more than happy to help you.

High Loads

High loads also require very safe hands when it comes to long-distance transportation. 

Given the abnormal height of these loads, you will need to ensure the route you choose is appropriate.

Our experienced team have spent many years honing their logistical skills, and we can pick the perfect route for your high load. 

No matter where in the UK you need your load transported to or from, our experts will find the most appropriate and efficient route for you. 

What is an abnormal load escort vehicle?

Abnormal load escort vehicles usually come in two forms: private and police.

For private escort vehicles, dedicated abnormal load movers, such as ourselves, will accompany the abnormal load vehicle on its journey to ensure everything is safe and efficient.

A police escort works in the same way, with the added benefit of closing stretches of road to help the haulage vehicle move safely along its route.

What is the purpose of an escort vehicle?

The essential purpose of escort vehicles is to warn fellow road users and pedestrians that an abnormal vehicle is on its way.

The escort vehicles' pilots will also contact the driver of the abnormal vehicle to ensure everything is running smoothly or if issues arise.

Escort Vehicle & Pilot Car

When moving an abnormal load, there are various factors to consider. Given the unusual size, shape or weight of these loads, specialist route planning, private and police escorts and route surveys ensure that transportation runs smoothly.

Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation has over ten years of experience managing local and long-distance abnormal load escort services, and our expertise in this field is unparalleled.

Our in-house team can manage all of the factors mentioned above and secure all the necessary permits for abnormal load transportation.

Our fleet contains dedicated abnormal load escort vehicles piloted by our professionally trained and qualified experts throughout the entire journey. We can also offer professional advice to those undertaking abnormal load transportation projects.