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Caravan & abnormal load transportation

Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation offers expert transportation services for static caravans or abnormal loads for clients in the surrounding areas of South West England, including Devon and Cornwall, and throughout the UK, from our base in Bodmin. 

We can also provide our professional transportation services to clients nationwide when required. We have earned a reputation as a reliable and friendly service since we started operating over a decade ago. Our fleet of vehicles includes lorries and escort vehicles, which can carry any load you need without incurring damage. 

We operate throughout the UK from our base in Bodmin, alongside serving local clients in Cornwall and neighbouring Devon. Our professional haulage experts can handle it no matter where you need your load transported to. We also specialise in transporting abnormal loads, with three abnormal load-carrying vehicles in our escort fleet. If you have any specific requirements or are simply looking for expert transportation advice, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

Mobile Home Transport & Siting

Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation offers professional services for all those looking to transport their mobile home and site it in another location.

Our experts can also conduct access checks for you, which is essential when moving your caravan, mobile home or holiday lodge out of its current location.

Many holiday caravan or mobile parks like to site and connect vehicles onto their private land themselves as twin units, but our team at Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation will be more than happy to do this for you if required.

Given our many years of experience, alongside the expertise of our fully qualified and insured professionals, means we can undertake any re-siting work you need. 

Our Transport & Siting Services

Static Caravan Transportation Lorries

At Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation our team of experts, through using our fleet of vehicles, can help you with any caravan transportation needs you may have.

Mobile Home Movers

Mobile Home Transport & Siting

We understand how disruptive it can be moving your mobile home from place to place, and our team will aim to make this process as efficient and cost-effective as possible

Mobile Home Siting

Wide Load Escort Services

We also offer detailed route surveys, path analysis and general project management expertise for all of the logistics.

Wide Load Transport

Abnormal Load Escort Services

We follow all guidelines in the Highways Agency Code of Practice and can plan the most efficient route for your journey with fully detailed route surveys.

Abnormal Load Transport

Oversized Load Escort Services

We have a dedicated and experienced team of logistics and heavy haulage experts with all the skills needed to transport your load. 

Oversized Load Transport

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Our team is always on hand to help with any static caravan transportation needs you may have. Contact us now!

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Are You Looking For A Reliable Caravan Transportation Company?

When looking for a reliable caravan transportation company, Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation should be at the top of your list. Our clients and the safety of their vehicles are our number one priorities in everything we do.

Our transportation and escort vehicle fleet allows us to safely transport and re-site any mobile homes, holiday homes, or caravans in any location you wish.

Our team understands how important the location of your holiday home or caravan is for your enjoyment, and we will do everything we can to make sure your vehicle is perfectly placed for you and your family to enjoy. Serving clients all throughout Cornwall and the surrounding areas.

Please Note: If your location isn't specified here, please feel free to get in contact with me as I may be able to cover your local area.

Static Caravan Transportation Lorries

Static caravan transportation is a complex business, requiring the assistance of professional experts such as ourselves.

Or wealth of experience makes us a popular choice for those looking to relocate their mobile home, holiday home or static caravans.

With our experienced team at your disposal, you can de-site your vehicle from any location in the UK, have it safely transported to any secondary location and securely re-sited. 

Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation ensures that whatever transportation project we are working on that our team conduct themselves in a friendly and professional manner, meeting all the requirements our clients and customers need from us.

Why Choose Rob Kestle Caravan Transportation?

Do you require static caravan transport for Devon, Cornwall and throughout South West England? We offer expert transportation services for static caravans or abnormal loads.

Friendly & Experienced

We are a friendly, efficient and experienced team of professional transporters. 

Offers A Unique Touch

We offer a truly personal service that meets all of your transporting needs.

Professional Expertise

We are always happy to offer our professional expertise to those who need it. 

Fully Insured & Secured

We are fully insured, with a range of haulage vehicles to match your exact specifications